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You found our not so secret pumpking carving contest page!

Winners receive:

(1) Adult 12+: $20 gift card to Scooters, A whole pie from Mt. Hood Pies, candle for your pumpkin, (For a winner 18+ we'll include some bar swag)

(1)Kid 11 & under: $10 gift card to Scooters, $10 roll of quarters for our arcade

(3) Honorable mentions: $5 gift card to Scooters

How do I participate:

Carve your Pumpkin/Gourd

Carve your pumpkin from now until 10/29 and send us your name, phone number, and a photo of your pumpkin via Instagram  page, Facebook, or via email here.

Bring us your pumpkin in person

So we can verify it's you and not some stock photo or AI image (like the one on the left), we also need to see your pumpkin, in person on 10/28-10/29. Bring it to our patio right outside the front doors.

We judge on 10/30!

Judging will take place at 12pm on 10/30, and you are welcome to come pick up your pumpkin anytime after noon on 10/30 and 10/31. Any pumpkins left after 10/31 will be disposed in our garbage 

We look forward to seeing you, and your amazing design this month!

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